Taking Better Care of Your Sensitive Skin

woman skinHaving sensitive skin can make anyone feel self-conscious. Whether the cause is genetic, hormonal or an allergy, you have to be very careful about your diet or the skin care products you use on your skin, explains sensitive skincare experts Gallinée. The weather can sometimes have adverse effects on your skin. What should you do in case you have sensitive skin?

Instead of taking a bath in hot water, choose warm water instead

Do not expose your skin to hot water for a long time. Hot water could scald and damage your skin. It may also strip your skin of natural oils, making your skin dry and flaky.

Avoid direct sunlight

Wear hats and sunscreen. Use an umbrella as well. Try to avoid the sun from 10 am to 2 pm. Too much exposure causes damage, such as sunburn. It also causes your skin to have dark spots and wrinkles. Too much heat causes you to sweat, and sweat may be an allergen.

Check the labels of the products that you use on your skin

Use skin products that are primarily designed for sensitive skin. These products have natural ingredients that can prevent your skin from getting breakouts. Choose a product with a prebiotic formula that can help normalize the PH level of your skin.

Do your research about products and food that may cause harm to your skin

Some fragrances may be too strong and cause your sensitive skin to react. Makeup could also cause harm sometimes. Each person is different, and even hypoallergenic products may be harmful to people with sensitive skin.

Try to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep

Sleep causes your blood to flow better, and this gives you glowing skin. Too little sleep causes your skin to look dark and ashen.

Do not touch your face unnecessarily

Touching it brings dirt to your face and may cause infection. Don’t forget to wash your hands frequently.

Resist the urge to prick your pimples or blackheads yourself. Leave this part of skin care to the professionals

Having your sensitive and irritated skin treated can help boost your confidence. Contact your doctor for an appointment immediately to prevent breakouts. With proper rest, diet, and the right amount of skin care products, having smoother skin is something attainable.