Why We Look for Familiarity Even in a New Place

Couple of tourists on a holiday vacationA holiday is a time for you to unwind and get out of your stressful routine for a couple of days to recharge. Yes, everything will still be hectic when you get back, but while you are on holiday, everything should go your way. But in reality, does it?

Too Many Unknowns

You have an itinerary planned out, down to the restaurants you will try for each day of the trip. What happens to your tightly packed itinerary when the restaurant cannot accommodate you? Will your itinerary hold if the weather turns?

The uncertainty of things adds stress to a supposedly relaxing event, and it would not be surprising if you miss the comfort of an American diner even when surrounded by foreign delicacies.

Getting Lost

These are not the streets you’re used to. If it’s overseas travel, you may struggle with the foreign language. Traffic rules might be different, and you are too afraid to land in jail for the smallest offence.

When you have a hard time figuring out a map or overwhelmed by having to ask for directions at every corner, you might just want to go home and explore your local neighbourhood.

Home is safe and familiar, while this new place is everything but. It’s the newness of the place, however, that makes it interesting to explore once you get over your doubts.

Breaking Patterns

Perhaps the hardest aspect of travelling is your dependence on your daily routine. Your body is used to waking up at a certain time, and it refuses to adjust so easily. When travelling to a different time zone, jetlag can hamper your mood throughout the trip.

More importantly, when you are working in a highly stressful environment, there is a new stress that comes with suddenly not being connected with everyone. Your fingers itch to open your email and to respond to work-related messages. Do this, and you have already sabotaged your restful holiday.

You are of two minds when travelling: there is the excitement in discovering new things, but there’s also worry about things not going well. Relax and live at the moment if you want your holiday to be productive and restful.