Why Stadium Seating is Useful for Any Venue

stadium seatingTiered seating is commonly used in stadiums and theaters, as they’re convenient and can provide an unobstructed view. It’s for this reason that they’re no longer limited to sports and performances.

Defining Your Needs

Tiered seating can be installed and designed to fit into a specific space. Before considering it, however, you need to consult a professional to know the best and suitable configuration for your venue. Describe how you intend the space to be used, so they can make the appropriate recommendations.

Event venues, for example, can have stadium tiered seating that retracts into the floor. This way, as Stadium Savers Ltd. further explains, it can provide seating whenever needed or the clear floor space if seats aren’t required.

Safety Concerns

The steps in each row are usually wide enough for easy access, but if you want a higher rise for each tier, an additional step can be added in between. You can also have handrails added to help people as they go up and down the steps.

General Accessibility

Wheelchair accessibility is a must and a standard in most states. While you may think that tiered seating is not suitable for this, it actually isn’t. Consideration has been given for such cases, by either including an access ramp or reserving extra spaces at the front or back rows.

The Human Connection

Still doubting if your venue can make use of this type of seating? Tiered seating also has the advantage of allowing better contact and interaction. Classrooms using it, for example, allow students and instructors to have an unobstructed view of each other. Ideally, this means students will be able to listen to the teacher better and the teacher can have eye contact with students all the way to the back row.

By knowing your specific needs, you can get the most out of this type of seating. Make sure you consult an expert so you can get the perfect seating layout and arrangement for your needs.