Ways to Go ‘Green’ Even on Your Last Day on Earth

funeral arrangementThe environmental impact of traditional burial and cremation has led to increasing awareness and demand for eco-friendly funerals in the UK. Traditional burials involve the use of embalming fluid, steel caskets and concrete vaults that leak toxic or non-biodegradable matter into the soil. Cremation, on the other hand, produces chemical emissions that are dangerous to the air and ozone layer.

Thus, whether you’re arranging for the funeral of a departed loved one (or pre-planning your own), eco-friendly funeral solutions in the UK allow you to choose a send-off befitting you or your loved one which is safe for the environment.

Woodland Funeral

The pressure of finding spaces available for burying and the cost of maintaining municipal graveyards has resulted in high costs of burial or hiring a burial site. The environmental concern over methane emissions caused by burying a body deep into the ground – about 4 to 6 ft below the surface – also prompted the clamour for ‘green’ funerals.

Woodland burials, also known as natural burial, are done in wildlife habitats where the body is buried at least 2ft from the top of the coffin, and a tree is planted to mark the grave. It is an effort to maintain the natural habitats of the animals who exist within the vicinity. There are more than 270 of these sites in England.

Eco-friendly Cremation

The carbon emissions caused by cremation are hazardous to the environment. Up to 16% of mercury emissions in England are associated with the cremation of bodies with dental fillings. This being the case, there have been adjustments on how bodies are cremated and how the ashes are disposed of.

Natural cremations reduce the rate at which CO2 is emitted by using no coffin at all or eco-friendly caskets. The ash is then either stored or converted into vases, pencils, vinyl objects or jewellery. Bio-cremation is also gaining traction; alkaline hydrolysis is used to turn a body to ashes.

Use of Biodegradable Items

You may not consider the woodland funeral for yourself or your loved, as it is not a very popular option in the UK, and you may not favour cremation either. Still, there are ways you can carry out a traditional funeral while conserving the environment. You may use organic burial pods or infinity burial suits, which decay easily and add nutrients to the ground. You may also use an eco-friendly coffin that is readily biodegradable once buried underground.

The environment is essential to the living and future generations. So, even on your or your loved one’s final departure from the earth, make sure to bid the world farewell with the environment in mind.