2018 Design Trends and Mobile-First as a Design Strategy

MobileGraphic elements on a website create more than eye candy. It should entice the user and motivate them to read the content. This is done through the use of different design elements. To keep up with the competition, website design also has to keep updated.

Website proponent Online Philippines Corp. suggests that updating graphic designs follow an evolutionary trend in creating engaging websites.

2018 Graphic Trends

Website graphics look more dynamic with gradients, drop shadows and depth. The elements still use flat design, but the use of gradients and other techniques create a 3D effect. Unconventional colors, bold fonts, and handwritten calligraphy are taking over much of the graphics space.

At some point, the designer has to decide between using custom illustrations with vector graphics, and bold images. Images also have their own makeover with overlaid double exposures, multiple lighting or multiple colors. Hand drawn illustrations have cleaner lines and backgrounds, in contrast with images.

These are images without any image manipulation and shot with the website in mind. It is a direct reference to the website’s objective. What could be more relevant in a dog-centric website, than a picture of a healthy dog?

One aim of a website is to raise awareness about their product and services, and an image of their market or products gives it an impact.

Enduring Trends

One enduring trend is that of mobile first. It seems that a lot of websites still do not understand this concept and continue to use a desktop layout. It has been several years since mobile phones have overtaken desktops in terms of the number of users, and the maturity shows.

The first question designers had to tackle was how to cram menus into the small screen. Nowadays, designers are suggesting that large beautiful images get in the way of the screen. Instead, icons are used for economy of space.

A website’s graphic elements should not be stuck in a certain design type. They should evolve with current trends to keep up with the market and the competition.