3 Social Media Strategies to Create Buzz for Your Spa Business

woman getting her massageSocial media is a powerful tool to promote your day spa franchise business. It’s the easiest way to reach your customers, not to mention the most cost-efficient marketing platform. The challenge though is the fact that a lot of other similar businesses are already in it. So, you’re not just competing on the ground, but online as well.

If you want to stay on top of the online game and translate those likes and shares into walk-ins and appointments, here’s how you should make your social media strategy:

Publish Regular, Curiosity-Provoking Content

Your customers see a lot of content in their news feeds every day, so how do you make them check out your content? Post content that appeals to them. You can only pull this off when you know your audience well.

For example, you know that millennials love interactive content like videos. So if you’re catering to this market, a video content of a young woman trying your massage and facials for the first time will be of interest to them. The bottom line is your content plan should be filled with content that intrigues your audience.

Engage with Your Followers

You’ll only know that your curiosity-provoking content worked if followers engage with you—engagement, meaning liked, shared, and commented on your post. When they do, it’s important to respond to them in a way that aligns with your overall brand image.

Be careful though not to appear too professional to the point of losing genuineness. Remember, the point of engagement is to interact with followers and make your brand as friendly and accommodating as possible.

Offer Exclusive Deals

People want to follow business pages online especially when they get a reward out of it. So, run some promos online, like giving a discount to people who’ll like and share your page. Or, tell them they’ll get a free 30-minute massage when they mention a recent ad you ran on the page. This will encourage fans not just to check out your page regularly for promos, but also increase the likelihood of them getting your services because of the free products and discounts.

Using social media is a good way to promote your spa business, but you have to master it to get the most out of it. Try these tactics for a better strategy.