Pointers for Personally Handling a Loved-One’s Funeral and Burial

man in suit carrying coffinIt’s tough being the relative in charge of a beloved family member’s funeral. Sometimes, the grief can overtake the responsibility placed on you. If this solemn task falls upon you, please keep the following steps in mind.

Making the Call

Informing the deceased’s friends and family is of the utmost importance, especially if you’re the first person to receive news of their passing. Be straightforward about the situation and keep each phone call, letter, or face to face conversation brief to avoid carrying too much emotional baggage. Nowadays, an email or social media post is fairly acceptable, especially if the person was well known and loved.

Arranging the Service

Talking to a funeral home should come as your next priority, especially since they can advise you on your best choices. With the many funeral services offered in Roy, you can choose from simple, one-day wakes to more elaborate, week-long events. The longer running wakes are especially important for relatives who are coming from abroad and wish to personally pay their last respects. The funeral director or planner will also assist you in finding a good plan for your budget, expected size of visitors, and even the proper religious service for the deceased.

Taking Time for Yourself

Planning these moments can be emotionally draining and stressful so you must remember to give yourself some personal time to recover your energy and strength. Wakes that last for a week or more can steal the wind out of your sails, making you groggy, easily upset and even sickly. It’s best to ask for another relative or friend who can take your place while you nap or rest. That way, you can get back to your work in better spirits.

Death is not an easy subject to broach especially when it hits home. A person can encounter this in the most unexpected of times. Thankfully, by preparing and looking at the practical side of a personal situation, you can reduce the burden from yourself and give your best friend or family member the dignity their life deserved.