How Can You Use Google Analytics to Get Content Ideas?

Google Analytics in tabletGoogle Analytics is a useful tool for collecting data and learning about your audience. It provides you with the numbers you need to initiate campaigns, stop ineffective ones, and improve conversion rates. However, the former also has different uses when it comes to brainstorming content.

Experts from Utah-based SEO company SEO Werkz cite the following techniques to effectively leverage Google Analytics to create top quality content.

Update Articles and Videos

After reviewing your analytics, you may find an increase in clicks on particular pages. This may signify that post is still popular and shareable. The content on it may need an update to suit current needs and trends. Updating it by adding new information will keep it trending and valuable to potential customers and your current audience. Replace dated videos with new ones, add current metrics to the article, and post new images or memes to engage your visitors.

Broaden Keywords

The keywords you currently use may have worked and still work for you. After reviewing your numbers, however, you may find new search terms that may be profitable for your future campaigns. Google Analytics allows you to get insights into the effectiveness of phrases and words, which you can then use to create new or update content.

Diversify Content

Look at the metrics of your existing posts, and identify which are the top and poor performing ones. Once you determine these, you can take the next step of diversifying their content to keep them relevant or boost their performance. The numbers will show you which types work, whether it is video or long articles. Diversifying your publications allows you to reach a wider audience that prefers to watch rather than read.

Identify Social Signals

After reviewing your analytics, you may notice that you get visitors from certain social media sites. Look into these to identify signals and brand mentions. Once you do so, increase your efforts and spending on these platforms. Get influencers, post more frequently, and engage your audience through comments and direct messages.

Google Analytics’ use extends beyond crunching numbers. It provides you with ways to identify effective and different types of content that will help you in future campaigns. Implement these techniques to reach a wider market and improve your conversion rates.