Sports Injuries That May Happen to You

soccer player injuredAre you an active person and into various sports? If so, you might suffer an injury because of the strenuous activities. You might have the requisite training to avoid injuries, but it’s still possible to deal with one no matter how prepared you are.

Experts in sports rehab from NJ cite the following injuries that may hit you.

Lower Back Pain

One of the possible causes of back pain is weak core muscles wherein the former overcompensates for the latter. This type of injury often ends or shortens the career of basketball players. It’s a recurring problem that may need ongoing treatment. Improper stretching, poor body mechanics, and bulging discs may cause this as well.

To avoid this, make sure to strengthen your core and do proper stretching before any activity. If you’re already dealing with back pain, you can consult a chiropractor to realign your spine or other specialists for treatment.


This is another form of back pain that may affect the legs or feet. Some characteristics of this injury are numbness, tingling, and burning feeling that courses to the legs. This injury often affects golfers, cyclists, and tennis players because of the constant trunk rotation and flexed forward position they take throughout their sport.

Shoulder Pain and Injuries

This is common among swimmers and players of tennis, volleyball, baseball, and other sports that require a lot of shoulder movement. Overcompensation and exertion lead to strains, sprains, and dislocations. Overuse causes the rotator cuff to loosen, hence, a higher risk of injury. Get treatment and do some exercises to get your shoulder back in shape and return to form.

These are some injuries that may occur to active individuals. If you’re suffering from any of these or similar ones, consult a specialist to determine the cause and identify the possible solutions.