5 Reasons Tourists Can’t Get Enough of Japan

Tokyo, JapanThere are countless things to love about Japan, and it bears repeating to this day. As a country, Japan is well-known for its polite citizens, delicious seafood and technological marvels. It is no wonder it is one of the places in East Asia that gets a steady stream of tourists every year.

These people take tours around Japan for the following reasons:


Famously portrayed in pop culture, sushi refers to the mixture of raw fish and rice that is hand crafted and served to be eaten with chopsticks. What makes sushi exciting for curious palates is the diversity of seafood that you can use for the dish. Fish, shrimp, crab meat or squid are popular options.


Whether J-Pop or Noh performances, Japan has many options for different tastes when it comes to music. J-Pop refers to Japanese pop music comprised of girl groups or boy bands, while Noh refers to a musical drama using traditional instruments.

Video Games

Japan is likewise no stranger to video games. Buzzwords in the industry like Pokémon, Nintendo and Final Fantasy originated in the country. Because Japan is digitally innovative, it is no doubt that it would remain a known producer of video game titles to this day.


Animated film and television are likewise some of Japan’s strongest suits. Anime or Japanese cartoons for children are translated and localised for other countries. It is made with computer animation, which is also the tool used for video gaming.

Historical Sites

Japan takes pride in its historical sites as well. Whether a castle where past emperors lived or shrines revered in certain regions, tourists have a long list of places to visit once they are in the country.

Japan is a country that has contributed a lot to the society. The uniqueness and value of these contributions have been embraced by people in other countries and have compelled countless tourists to visit the country and keep coming back. The country is indeed one of the best destinations for your next trip.